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Elections.public.lu is the official elections website of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It offers general information about the electoral system, publishes specific information about the legislative, municipal and European elections and, on election day, after closure of the polling stations, enables you to follow the evolution of the results based on the information gradually gathered from the main polling stations by the Government Coordinating Office (created by article 116ter of the modified electoral law of 18 February 2003 and whose functioning is set by the modified grand-ducal regulation of 12 February 2009).).

This website has been developed by the Luxembourg Government, on the basis of a collaboration between the Information and Press Service (Service information et presse, SIP) and the Government IT Centre (Centre des technologies de l'information de l'Etat, CTIE).

The cartographic sources originate from the Land Registry and Topography Administration (© Background: Origin Administration du Cadastre et de la Topographie Luxembourg (ACT) / Permission for publication of 21.04.2009)

The site is edited by the Information and Press Service (SIP) and the Government IT Centre (CTIE).


Particular care has been taken to ensure a satisfactory level of quality and accessibility. This website was designed according to the Renow Referential (Web Normalisation Referential of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg).

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The Luxembourg Government pursues the objective to make its sites accessible to the greatest possible number of people. For more information, please consult our policy on accessibility on the website at renow.public.lu (in French). 

This portal has been designed in accordance with these principles, and we commit to improve content accessibility so that there is no discrimination in accessing the information on the site. If you experience any difficulties accessing information, please contact the RENOW team.

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Browser compatibility consists of making a website coherent and usable regardless of the medium (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, TV, etc.) and the browser used (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

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