On 26 May 2019, 240,044 voters from Luxembourg went to the polls to vote for their Members of the European Parliament.

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The European elections in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

On Sunday 26 May 2019, the European elections will take place in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The Government Coordinating Office ("Bureau centralisateur gouvernemental", BCG), set up for each legislative, European or municipal general election, is responsible for determining and disseminating the informal results of these elections.

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European elections appoint the 6 Members of Parliament representing Luxembourg in the European Parliament.

The election process

On 26 May 2019, you were able to follow the count for each municipality, party and candidate.

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The organisation and process of the European elections are laid down in broad terms by the Constitution and in detail by the electoral law.

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Who may vote, be a candidate, how can you vote via postal ballot, what are the rules and principles of European elections in Luxembourg?

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