Notice of election

Voters are informed that a referendum is to be held through the placing of a notice on three occasions in three Luxembourg daily newspapers.

Municipalities also inform voters residing within their limits, by any appropriate means at their disposal—but always through the posting of notices—when and where the text being voted on in the referendum can be consulted.

These venues and times are determined at the discretion of the municipalities, but must be published/posted for at least 6 hours per week, including Saturday.

All communications, whether published in newspapers or through other media by the municipalities, must be printed in all three administrative languages, i.e., Luxembourgish, German and French.

At least 5 days in advance, the College of Aldermen sends each voter a polling card stating the day, the opening and closing hours of the poll, the premises where the referendum takes place and, if there are several polling stations, the specific station where the elector should vote.