Municipal elections of 11 June 2023 - Notification of the presentation of electoral lists for public inspection

On the occasion of the municipal elections of 11 June 2023, the electoral lists provisionally drawn up by the college of the mayor and aldermen are available for public inspection from 18 to 25 April 2023 inclusive. The attached lists contain the persons who will reach the age of eighteen between 17 April 2023 and 11 June 2023 inclusive.

This deposit as well as the practical modalities relating to it shall be brought to the attention of the public by a notice published by means of posters to be placed at the town hall as well as at the usual places in each voting locality on 18 April 2023.

Any citizen may submit to the college of burgomasters and aldermen, separately for each elector, any complaints to which the electoral lists could give rise until 25 April 2023.

Any citizen may submit, until 25 April 2023 and against a receipt, the documents of those who are not registered on the current lists, but who are entitled to be included.

All appeals concerning the registration of a voter on the rolls must first have been submitted to the college of the mayor and the aldermen together with all required supporting documents in order to be admissible before the Administrative Court. 

Press release by the Ministry of Home Affairs

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