Instructions for voters

Legislative elections

Each voter has as many votes as the number of deputies to be elected.

Votes may be cast for a list or for individual candidates.

Electors casting their vote for a list may not cast any other vote, unless the selected list includes fewer candidates than the number of deputies to be elected within the district.

Voters who vote for individual candidates may choose candidates from the same list or from different lists, but must be careful not to vote for more candidates than there are available seats.

They may allocate two votes to each of the candidates, up to the total number of votes that they hold.

By filling the white circle of the box at the top of an electoral list or by ticking it (+ or x), the voter selects this list in its entirety and thereby allocates one vote to each candidate on that list.

Each box ticked (+ or x) after the name of a candidate counts as one vote for that candidate.