Questions and answers - Legislative elections

What are the deadlines to apply for postal voting for legislative elections?

If the polling card needs to be sent to an address based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the request must be submitted online or be sent by post to the College of Aldermen ("collège des bourgmestre et échevins"), under penalty of lapse, at the earliest 12 weeks and at the latest 25 days prior to the election date.

If the polling card needs to be sent to an address abroad, the deadline for applying is 40 days at the latest prior to election day. 

What shall I do if I am unable to vote on election day?

Those who are unable to vote in the election must explain the reason for their absence to their local State Prosecutor, and provide the necessary supporting documents. Unjustified abstentions are punishable by a fine. In the event of repeat offences, the penalty is increased.

The following persons have the right to be excluded:

  • voters who, at the time of the election, live in a municipality other than the one in which they are supposed to vote;
  • voters who are over 75 years of age.
Is it possible to vote by proxy?

No, registered voters may not be replaced.

What requirements need to be met in order to vote in legislative elections?

To qualify as an elector in the legislative elections, one must:

  •  be of Luxembourgish nationality;
  •  be at least 18 years of age on the day of the election;
  •  possess full civil and political rights;
  •  be domiciled in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – Luxembourgish citizens residing abroad may vote in the legislative elections by postal vote.
What are the opening hours of the polling stations?

Electors can vote from 8 am to 2 pm.

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