How many Luxembourg representatives to the European Parliament are to be elected?

For the European elections, the country forms a single electoral constituency. Given that Luxembourg has 6 seats in the European Parliament, each voter can cast 6 votes.

Must I vote?

Voting is mandatory for all registered voters. All registered voters automatically receive a polling card and must vote. However, voters above 75 years of age are exempt from mandatory voting, even if they have received a polling card.

As a Luxembourger domiciled abroad, am I obliged to vote?

Luxembourg nationals who are domiciled abroad are not obliged to take part in the vote. Yet they are entitled to postal voting in European elections if they make a request to do so.

What shall I do if I am unable to vote on election day?

Those who are unable to vote in the election must explain the reason for their absence to their local State Prosecutor, and provide the necessary supporting documents. Unjustified abstentions are punishable by a fine. In the event of repeat offences, the penalty is increased.

The following persons have the right to be excluded:

  • voters who, at the time of the election, live in a municipality other than the one in which they are supposed to vote;
  • voters who are over 75 years of age.
Is it possible to vote by proxy?

No, registered voters may not be replaced.

Is electronic voting permitted in Luxembourg?

No, electronic voting is not permitted in Luxembourg.

What are the consequences of abstention from voting (financial penalties)?

Abstaining without justification is punishable by a penalty ranging from 100 to 250 euros. In the event of recurrence within five years of the sentence, the penalty ranges from 500 to 1,000 euros.

When is a ballot deemed null and void?

All ballots casting more votes than there are members to be elected are null and void; those whose form and dimensions have been altered, which contain a paper or any object on the inside, or whose author could be made recognisable by a sign, erasure or mark not authorised by law. Null and void ballots are not taken into account to set the number of votes.

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